Thank you

12 February 2014

Dear everyone:

I’ve had this site under various names / taglines since February 22, 2007 and I’ve been blogging about libraries, technology, the world, and most anything else that fascinated me. I’ve had a place on the web since the late 90s (Geocities, anyone?). The connection and discussions that a presence on the web has shifted dramatically these last 20 years. From the world of friendships and niche communities to the world of cat videos, crowdsourced success, acute bullying, engagement in 140 characters, and commodity.

I, too, have shifted over these years. My love of information, research, and teaching led me down a path to a masters degree, jobs in the library field, and the greatest community I could ever have hoped for in my budding career/life (i’m looking at you, VR peeps). But i have entered the next phase of my life/career as a professor, consultant, and small business owner and the ability and spending time on this site no longer serves me.

Add in the recent database failure we experienced that wiped out all activity since September and the time it took to bring it back online, the desire to keep this going just isn’t there. I know when to call it. And that time is now. It’s time to turn this site from an (somewhat) active part of my life to a dormant archive. For now, it will remain online – closed for comments – in the event some glimmer of insight, information, or hope is found within it’s posts; but that may shift in time, too.

I thank everyone who’s been a part of my readership and community all these years. It’s meant a great deal to me. Best of luck to everyone!