Govt funded health database sets “abortion” as Stop Word

Should a database of articles on family planning make “abortion” a stop word?
Johns Hopkins
apparently thinks so.

Try this- go to POPLine and search on “abortion”.

Can’t do it, can you? Nope!

Thanks to Colleen for tipping me off to this.
Check out Women’s Health News and for more info.

Their reasoning?

As a federally funded project, we decided this was best for now.

Talk about a crap line!

Rant time:

When you deny access to information, people won’t STOP looking for the information- they’ll just try to get it any way they can. And that might mean getting it from less-than-credible or complete-bs sources! Then these people are running around the world, misinformed, and getting into even more trouble!

No one would put “cancer” as a stop word, would they? I think not. So why is this any different!? News flash: IT’S NOT!
Just like people thinking giving kids condoms promotes sex, taking away access to information doesn’t make the information need go away- it just makes the information gained less good!

Just like i believe prostitution should be legal (and more easily controlled), and kids should get condoms (safer sex, not more sex… and less pregnant kiddies), NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO LIMIT A HUMAN BEING’S ACCESS TO INFORMATION! ESPECIALLY NOT HEALTH ISSUES!

It’s 2008 people- WAKE UP!

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