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29 Mar 2007 / Julie

your dream Jeopardy! board

i’d love to claim credit for this, but i got this idea from the “Librarian Avengers” who was citing Microserfs by Douglas Coupland.

If you were a Jeopardy! contestant, what would your dream board be?

While, in the true fashion of Renaissance Souls & Jack of all trades, I would do pretty well in all categories I would probably sweep none but these:

Oldies Music Lyrics
Strange Food Combinations
Boyfriends Named Dave
Made Up Words
80s Brat Pack Movies
Colors that Rhyme with “urple”
The Penis Mightier

Here’s the board I’d have no chance with:

Your Local Government
The Poetry of Emily Dickinson
Romance Novels
Why Things Have to Be Complicated
Bad Customer Service
Quantum Mechanics in Russian

What’s your dream Jeopardy! board?

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