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23 Sep 2013 / Julie

so, hi there!

It’s been a while! Everyone still awake over there?

I last posted in April about the importance of living. And then i went and did just that. Though, in reality, it was less that I made choices but that life came at me full force, forced decisions, and taught me some additional awesome lessons to the ones I’ve already been learning this year.

Let’s recap, shall we? In the last five months:

  • Both my parents took ill – one unexpectedly and the other REALLY so. (Luckily, both are currently on the right roads, heading in the right directions).
  • I left my primary job (this was huge for me) and in so doing also parted ways with a huge part of my identity of the last almost-decade.
  • I left my home and moved to a new state to build a life with a new love.
  • I reduced my possessions by probably 90% and slowly started to understand the power of “No.” (and also became intimate with the concept of decision fatigue.)
  • I took (well, am still taking,) a social media sabbatical from FB and Twitter (and therefore everything i used my FB or twitter logins to access).
  • I went to Disney World twice (because, well, why the hell not?).

While things are finally starting to settle down here (only for now, i’m sure), i’m taking stock and figuring out what’s next. I hope you’ll stick around and come with me on this journey that I know will be amazing. Because, well, why the hell not?







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