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28 Sep 2007 / Julie

23 things: week 3, thing 7 (twitter)

Week 3: Photos & Images
7. Create a blog post about anything technology related that interests you this week.

I’ve been thinking about Twitter a lot lately. Twitter was created by the folks at Obvious which had some of the same folks that started Pyra Labs (the folks who brought us Blogger before Google bought it).

My first tweet (I thought it would be ‘twit’ but i was corrected) was April 26th of this year. Twitter bills themselves as

a community of friends and strangers from around the world sending updates about moments in their lives. Friends near or far can use Twitter to remain somewhat close while far away. Curious people can make friends. Bloggers can use it as a mini-blogging tool. Developers can use the API to make Twitter tools of their own. Possibilities are endless!

I was having a hard time twitting AND blogging. I didn’t have “friends” on twitter and didn’t really see the point of updating folks when I didn’t know if anyone was reading my twits, er tweets. Pete Bromberg helped me see the light and i started growing my community. Now, I’ve got a handful of friends and colleagues that i “track” and who “track” me through our twits… sorry… tweets.

Regardless of how I may or may not continue to use twitter, some libraries (thank god) have already gotten on the bandwagon and started using it to update their customers on various things:

How could AskUsNow! use Twitter?
Question updates so librarians can see Question trends? Actually, that’s a great idea!!!! hold on a sec while I implement that…

Okay, I’m sorry but I need to toot my own horn here. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to more easily update our “Recent Questions” area on our staff page and until the point “they” will let me overhaul it and operate the whole thing with drupal, I can TOTALLY use twitter (and a twitter badge) to update our recent questions! And of course, once I let Joe know of this brillance, I can always delete it easily if there’s an issue i didn’t forsee….

Rock on. Check out the AskUsNow! tweet at

haha, yes- that totally made my day.

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