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10 Jan 2008 / Julie

ALAMW08 (or another reason why i love my job)

Attending ALAToday, after a meeting, I’m heading up to Philly for ALA MidWinter. I’m very lucky that my job gives me the time and financial backing for involvement in these things. I can’t say I’d do either without their financial support since I like keeping my $ and frankly the dues and amount one can spend for and at a conference is ridiculous. I’d need a second job just to pay for conference attendance. Which, isn’t a bad idea- not like i have time.

Anywho, while i may blog @ night (okay, who am i kidding, probably not) I am going to try to Twit (am I the only one who calls it that?) my way through MidWinter. Things overheard, fun groovy things you need to drop what you’re doing and come to, etc.

I’m hoping to have a lot to blog about when I come back. Cause, well, if I don’t- I didn’t do my job.

Happy MidWintering!

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