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16 Apr 2008 / Julie

CIL2008: the ‘lights

Here’s the short version of my Computers in Libraries experience for this year. For the details, check out this post.


  • The people! I met so many people this year. Completely new people, people i only ever “met” online, and the “famous” people who’s names we all know. I felt like we were Velcro this year- lunch with 1 or 2 others always turned into “and hey, there’s [insert name here], lets invite them!” I love it!
  • Pecha Kucha!
  • Danish Boys
  • Staying in the conference hotel. Life is much easier when you’re closer.
  • I like Thai food!
  • Forty Gazillion different beers


  • The internet connection and cell signal strength. The wireless was MUCH better than last year, I’ll admit. But for a girl that bought a smart phone so she wouldn’t have to drag around her laptop, the lack of cell signal really hindered my twittering and blogging (clearly, as i’m just getting to this a week later).
  • Empty seat? It’s probably in the PoleLine (the space where the poles block your view to the screens or presenters).

Ah ha!

  • Today’s teens have had the most recent experience with libraries and know how we’ve changed- they are the hope if the library stereotype is going to change.
  • the world is build around people and their social networks; connect people to people, not items
  • is mobile?!
  • Why widgets? Because there’s nothing wrong with being lazy.
  • libraries are community innovation centers! They are the spaces for the creation of the next generation’s products.
  • Wild Success doesn’t feel like business as usual
  • Not enough failures? You’re not being innovative enough.
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