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1 Apr 2010 / Julie

It’s time to move on (updated)

I love being a librarian. I do. But the fight is getting to me. Cuts here, “Save xx libraries” there. It’s tiring. I have been fighting the good fight but it’s time to pass the torch and move on. And now is as good a time as any.

There’s two things i’ve always wanted to do and now that i’ve decided to quit my job, i have the chance to pursue them. I’ve been painting more recently and thought it was time to take it to the next level. I’ve always wanted to paint on a HUGE scale (think 45″ x 87″ versus the 24×30 i normally do). I now have the time and money to rent a studio and go to town. But recently, after riding horses in the deserts of Arizona last week after recently having seen Australia I fell in love with the idea of moving to Australia and herding. I know, it’s totally a departure from everything that people know about me but i got hooked and really want to start from scratch and learn. How bad can life be if you get to sleep under the stars and play with horses? Plus, it’s Australia, and at least i’d have friends lucky shekel

But i didn’t know which new life to pick. Obviously, the bf prefers the artist idea because he’d get to stay in Maryland at a job he loves, but the saint he is, he said he’d support me either way. So i did what any girl would do when faced with a serious decision. I let fate tell me. I flipped a coin. And just to be certain, i played rock, paper, scissors.

RPS was a tie. and my lucky coin-tossing shekel stood on edge. The universe had spoken. I had to do¬† both. We will move to Australia, I will learn to be a cattle herder/cowgirl (yes there’s schools for that!), and continue to paint as a hobby.

I know it sounds completely far fetched, but there’s nothing in this world, in your days, in your hearts, that says you can’t up and change something, anything, or the whole shebang on a moments notice. Sure, it’s going to be hard. We have to sell the house, most of our belongings and move across the world, but it’s an adventure!! One which i hope to be embarking on by the end of the year (it’s going to take some time dismantling this life i’ve spent 27 years building).

The hardest part (other than getting used to the insane Australian wildlife) will be breaking the news to mom, who no doubt will want to move to Oz with me (just to be close). It won’t be as awesome if mommy and daddy follow, but hey, at least they support me, right? :-)

So off i go, to change my stars and dare to lead a different life. I’ll blog my journey as often as i can but i hear there’s no wireless in the deserts of Australia. :-)

// Update //

okay, it’s been 8 hours. time to ‘fess up. today is April 1st. and what you just read isn’t true. Well, not totally. Yes, i do want to learn to ride a horse. Yes, i want to dedicate more time to my art (and have started to do so). Yes, i am getting a little tired of fighting. But no, i am not moving to Australia (i’ll want to visit first). no, i’m not going to become a cattle herder tho sleeping under the stars is awesome. and no, i am not going to stop fighting the good fight that is anything pro-libraries and information access for all.

I will say though, that i did have some delicious fun at ya’lls expense this morning. Twitter was a-buzz with “wait, what?” and “omgwtf you can’t leave!” (similar to the backlash from my 2008 stunt) But after people started looking at their calendars, most of the feedback i received was based on how believable the story was. In fact, Buffy Hamilton said “I could totally see her doing something like that, though!”

the trick to pulling off something like this is to let the story live just slightly to the left of believable. I have to admit, my writing mentors taught me well. I do apologize for any upset i may have caused but you should know something about me: i like to ruffle feathers every once in a while and make sure you’re still paying attention. so thank you for letting me toy with you once every few years. :-)

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