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22 Jan 2011 / Julie

a winter rebellion. and pancakes

the last time i talked about food here was 2007 when i shared the “What the World Eats” photogallery from TIME. but i’m so proud of myself this morning i’m invoking the “it’s my site and i can post what i want” right.

i woke up at about 10.30 this morning – far later than usual on a saturday. and because i’m addicted, i immediately grabbed for my phone to check email, twitter, the weather and Times. I didn’t make it to the Times.

10.30 is far late enough in the day for it to have warmed up but the weather was reading “19 degrees.” nineteen. that’s 51 degrees colder than i like. and about 13 degrees colder than sane. (there’s a reason i don’t live in Maine or out west, folks). I assumed it was an error (sometimes my phone will give me the cache from the last time i viewed a page) and refreshed it. Nope. 19 degrees.

in rebellion, i decided to change my breakfast plans of a whole grain waffle smeared with Skippy and vanilla yogurt with almonds to some other concoction. preferably tropical. i made pina colada pancakes and bbq corn muffins. and the verdict? “AWESOME!” according to the boy and myself. and so, i share my concoctions with you:

Pina Colada Pancakes

I had a package of Aunt Jemima pancake mix in the cupboard. Not the “just add water” kind (ick), the kind that you need milk, oil and an egg for.

to that i added:

  • a half to a full cup or so of frozen pineapple (unfrozen and obliterated in my mini food processor/blender thing
  • a few splashes of coconut extract (i just poured, but it was probably a good solid tablespoon+)

I was thinking of using coconut milk that i thought i still had in stock (i didn’t) but the general consensus afterwards that the pancakes were perfect as-is. i was also considering using pineapple juice instead of milk, but i’m glad i opted against that.

i’ve never made pancakes with things in it (blueberries, etc) so was slightly unprepared for the difficulty in flipping. eventually i got the hang of it and realized it was just because the pancakes were so damn moist (another raving comment from the peanut gallery was that they didn’t need to drown them in syrup like usual)

BBQ Corn Muffins

i think it was because i was reminiscing about a bbq pork and pineapple sandwich on coconut bread i had at the Polynesian Resort in Disney a few months ago but i thought BBQ corn muffins would go nicely with the pancakes (aside from the bread-overload).

i used the Jiffy mix and added bbq sauce to the mixture once it was all combined. probably 3 tablespoons worth? (can you tell i don’t measure?)

once poured into the muffin tin, i added a sprinkle of white cheddar cheese to the top of each. i really wanted to add a ton of cheese to the mixture itself but didn’t want to ruin it due to an insane cheese craving i’ve been having lately.

i had the muffins in the oven for the 15 mins while i was grillin’ up the pancakes. it all came out at the same time and smelled amazingly. the verdict? awesome too. but perhaps more bbq sauce and cheese next time. (i was so glad to hear that!)

So there you have it. an easy way to add a little tropical touch to your easily made standards. and i have to say, when served with some honey-glazed ham we had left over from Christmas, it was the perfect lazy (but frozen) Saturday breakfast.

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