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27 Jun 2007 / Julie

Where I am Online

Feeling the symptoms of information overload (scattered thoughts, inability to sleep) I decided to do an audit of where I am and where my information is coming from. After looking at what I figured out, it’s no wonder I sometimes feel like my head is going to explode:

Social Networks

  • Ning (Library 2.0 Group, Collaborative Virtual Reference Symposium Group)
  • MySpace (personal & AskUsNow!)
  • Facebook (Me as me, Me as representing AskUsNow! (coming soon))
  • Art Conspiracy (highly neglected)
  • Flickr
  • Twitter (which may be deleted soon)
  • Library Thing
  • LastFM
  • YouTube
  • Amazon WishLists

webmaster / blogger

  • work blog
  • staff support site
  • 3rd askusnow internal site


  • Google Reader (for work)- 7 feeds
  • Bloglines (for home)- 46 feeds

10 Listservs


  • Personal x3
  • Work x4


  • CafePress (x2)
  • Technorati

1 paper calendar + to do list
1 mobile device with calendar + task list
(one of these is going away soon)

1 online office calendar (shared)

4 Advisory Boards / Groups

7 professional associations / organizations with numerous sub committees / groups

Holy Monkey…

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