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5 Oct 2007 / Julie

if i won the lottery

We all have dreams about what we’d do if we won the lottery. Sometimes I like to think more along the lines of “if money was no object” because lottery winnings are finite and you might be able to have a little bit more fun if the money never ran out.

Besides the standard “pay off dept,” “buy house,” and “go on trip to [insert exotic locale here], here’s some of what I’d do:

  • turn my friend’s above ground pool into a ball pit in the middle of the night
  • send a dozen flowers to my mom in January, 2 dozen in February, 3 dozen in March, etc for a whole year
  • fill my boyfriend’s apartment with balloons
  • have massage/spa gift certificates hand delivered by singing telegram to everyone I know
  • buy myself these cowboy boots

What would you do “if money was no object”?

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