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7 Jun 2007 / Julie

I’m being stalked by Dell

Tuesday night my computer died. The very next day, a new hard drive + cd’s were delivered to my office. I had been instructed to call Dell back when I received the hard drive and was ready to install it. Okay, awesome.

Well, once Dell realized I had received the shipment, I was called 22 times. Twenty-two times. That’s twee├źntwintig in Dutch.

First I didn’t answer because I had left work early due to illness and was just trying to sleep. Then I didn’t answer because I was annoyed.

My cell was on when I came home from the gym this evening and when they called for the 23rd time, I answered it. Flustered. “You guys are persistent, aren’t you?” The Indian voice on the other end didn’t understand.

Thick Indian Accent: “Have you installed your new hard drive?”
Me: “No, I haven’t had time. Why don’t you hold on a minute while I do that.”
I fumble for the screwdriver, take out the old hard drive and put in the new one.
Me: “Okay, what’s next”

We install cd #1 (of 4) and I end up putting the guy on hold for 40 minutes while I let the computer do it’s thing and I make dinner. Good lord. No wonder people like Macs better (among other reasons).

Disk 1 finishes and I tell the guy I can figure the rest out on my own. He says okay and that he’ll call back at the same time tomorrow to see if everything went okay. Fine by me.

20 minutes later HE CALLS BACK! “Have you finished installing the drivers?”
“I’m working on that now. How about you call back tomorrow like you said you would.”
“Okay. Thank you for choosing Dell. Have a nice day.”
“Yeah, you too.”

Dear Dell,
Please stop stalking me. I’ll call you when I run into trouble. But please, leave me alone.
Frustrated Customer

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