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7 Jun 2007 / Julie

the molecular structure of car titles

I never would have thought that the molecular structure of car titles is so unstable as they would just disappear into thin air once handed over to Major Delivery Company.

But apparently they are. Because MDC lost mine.

Since I’ve decided to never use MDC again, I don’t mind using their real name to protect them. Federal Express is the Major Delivery Company who lost my package. LOST. It didn’t matter to me that their customer service reps picked up after not even one ring, and their automated system never made me repeat myself (BIGBOY!), all that matters is that even though they “Traced” and whatnot my package, I don’t even remotely feel that they searched anything for my package. Things don’t miraculously disappear into thin air (if that is the case, though, I’ve got some inches on my tummy I’d like to go *poof*). It’s probably sitting under the seat in the truck or something.

Regardless of where it is, I believe FedEx to have given up too fast. No sooner than they started the trace did I get a check in the mail of the amount of the goods lost (and services not rendered).

I felt it my duty to write a letter to FedEx and David J. Bronczek, their President and CEO.

So now the process begins of form filings and travels to Jersey to get my replacement car title and then hustle it back to Maryland before July 7th (when my NJ registration expires) to get my car registered in MD.

Oh the humanity.

But really, FedEx. The least you could have done was make me at least THINK you looked for the damned thing. Come on, folks.

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