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6 Jun 2007 / Julie

my hard drive went kaput

Last night I came home from a long time away from home. Friday was a meeting in Eklton, MD with the coordinators of the NJ, PA, and NY VR services, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were vaca days for my birthday bash at the beach, and Tuesday was the liaison meeting for AskUsNow! in Harford County.

Tuesday night, I come home tired, and boot up the computer. I want to upload some pictures and save my saved passwords out of Mozilla. That’s when I get the Blue Screen of Death. Computer: Dead There’s a reason the damn thing is called the Blue Screen OF DEATH… it’s like seeing the light for humans… except your computer usually never recovers.

So after talking to “Tom” (who’s heavy Indian accent made me assume that wasn’t his real name) at Dell Tech Support for 30 minutes and running diagnostics, we determined that the hard drive was fried. At no fault of my own, it just failed. Luckily, the computer is under warranty until 2009ish so they’re sending me a new one free of charge.

Even though I back up to an external hard drive (tho only after a similar scare), I haven’t done so in about 3 weeks… nor do I think did I back up my financial information that I had just the other week spent 2 hours sifting through. Oh well, it could be worse.

So there you have it kids, after just about 2-3 years, my hard drive decided to take the permanent vacation to the land where hard drives can run free in green pastures with tarty CPUs.

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