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7 Jun 2007 / Julie

23 things: week 2, things 2 & 3 (blogging)

(Is anyone else thinking about the cat and the hat Thing 1 and Thing 2 when they’re doing these?)

3. Set up your own blog & add your first post.
4. Register your blog and Track your progress to journey into Learning 2.0 together.

I’ve had an online presence since before 1999 (it would be interesting to trace back to the original, but alas) and have been a blogger since April 2001.

There have been many manifestations of my blog in the last 6 years. It started out as an online journal with little to no acknowledgment of the fact that other people might be reading it. I wrote in my blog as I did in my paper journal (what I call “my book”) and a few times I was called on the fact that I might think twice about what i’m posting.

Currently, my blog (on it’s own server as of last October 2006) as my carefully attended to professional presence where i am still trying to figure out what topics I want to offer to my readership. I am also still learning that other people read it*.

Blogs succeed or fail depending on their readership. People are going to write whatever they feel like, but it’s the niche blogs with niche followers that survive. I haven’t yet gone from “blogging for myself, maybe others read it” to “blogging for myself and my huge readership appreciates it” although one day, that might be nice. With this latest manifestation of my blogger presence, I’ve tried to lean towards talking about customer service, and virtual reference as they are my current passions (and work) with random bits thrown in. I also haven’t yet been able to have a set schedule (which I’d like to have) for blogging. Once a week? Whenever I have thoughts? Whatever the perfect balance, I do my best to share when I have burning issues (though a lot sit in my “draft” area until I can finish / edit them… currently over 16 posts).

Why do i blog? Even though I’m currently trying to tailor it to a specific readership, I would blog even if no one ever read my stuff. I do it for me. I prefer to have readers who can comment and start discussions (and make me feel like i’m not alone in things) but honestly I’d be blogging even if I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that no one read my stuff.

* I was shocked to find out that the creator of LibraryThing reads (or has read) my blog. When I spoke with him at Computers in Libraries, he asked me about my green “Blogger” ribbon and when I explained it, I found out I was on his blogroll. I’m always shocked that people read this stuff. Yes, I read blogs just like everyone else, but it’s a whole other universe and you assume the people irl don’t translate into the digital world. Although, this is one point I should understand as the IRL vs digital was my thesis for Arcadia.

Things I’d like to learn re blogging

  • coding my own widgets
  • coding css from scratch
  • coding for wordpress
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