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18 Oct 2007 / Julie

fun with websites and what i was going to post

I was going to post the fact that if I was willing to spend $165 on shoes, I’d buy these: … which i’m aware has nothing to do with customer service OR libraries… but when I went to do so, I was sent to one of those placeholder pages that show up before a domain turns to porn so then i had to figure out why my website wasn’t showing up and this post turned into something looking like customer service.

Having to sort through old emails to figure out which website I had to go to to figure out, ask about, or otherwise deal with the (temporary) death of my website/domain it occurred to me that there even WERE multiple websites to go to to get to where i needed… then i had to have each one of them send me my password because I couldn’t remember the random string of characters that were each individual website’s passwords. Can anyone say PORTAL? How about one log in- one website even- with links to all the other ones I need? I love my hosting folks but their admin features, billing, and domain management are a little confusing and bulky to handle.

I saw there was an online help chatting option… but no one ever answered (and I didn’t get any automated “someone will be with you shortly” which made it seem like it wasn’t working either)… and the almost-900-number-sounding voice message on the phone said all technical things need to be submitted online first… and only use the “emergency technical support” in “the most extreme cases” because of the number of admin folks who would be paged. Way to discourage me from submitting tech issues, folks.

So whatever the problem… or solution… we’re back up and running. And I still wouldn’t pay that much for shoes… but man am I tempted…

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