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26 Oct 2007 / Julie

on the way to mold my leader-self

Today I’ve been trying to get ahead on my thoughts, plans, and todolist @work and @the new apartment (which I LOVE, btw, if you were wondering) because as of Monday I will be attending a week-long leadership insitute where it is promised I will have opportunities of self-discovery, group learning, and moments for reflection on what all this means for me and my future.

There’s been a lot of secrecy surrounding the whole thing from both Organizers and Past Participants. This year, they had so many people get accepted, they added a summer session too- and they were also told to not tell us (the Fall group) anything!

I am currently feeling very privledged to be a part of both this AND the ALA Emerging Leaders program; while both are leadership opportunities, I suspect that both will be of a totally different nature. ALA seems more like getting your feet wet in their organization while the one next week is starting to waft the warm and wonderful smells of self-evolvement.

I’ll have access to WIFI so I’m hoping to blog my thoughts and experiences every night during the “down time” but I don’t know how the week will play out so it might end up being one big post the weekend following.

In other news, I wanted to share a Non Sequitor comic from earlier this week which also smells- of North Jersey pride… even though I’m a South Jersey kinda Girl. ;-)

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